Tuesday, March 17, 2020

computer teacher essays

computer teacher essays Computers have come to enhance many avenues of our lives. The way we work and the way we play was forever altered by the vast advances in technology. Due to these strides we can see the benefits and the disadvantages associated with computers. For this assignment I decided to take a personal perspective. Within my work atmosphere computers have become the norm. Im not old enough to remember pre-calculator days. But the calculators are better now, with memory features. I remember being in high school and using my first computerized typewriter. You could type an entire document then make corrections by having the typewriter go to the line you indicated. That was my first experience with a word processor and I was able to use it because I was a teachers assistant in the business department. It belonged to the department secretary. The students still had the manual typewriters. I work as a bookkeeper and have done so for over 20 years. My work has changed significantly. When I began as a bookkeeper I used manual spreadsheets called Safeguard. All of the journal entries were done manually to the individual accounts and then transferred to the general journal. It was time consuming but the balances could be verified by doing these double entries. Many things have changed in my field. Now I use Quick Books software for almost all of my clients. The double entries are programmed into the computer. General Journals are easy to check. Payroll no longer requires looking at tables to find the deductions. The computer calculates all of the deductions. I find that technology has been extremely beneficial to my work. I can be far more productive by being faster and more accurate. The adage regarding computers garbage in, garbage out still holds true. The validity of the data is only as good as the knowledge of the person who inputs the information. But because of drop down menus, and help buttons it is ...

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