Saturday, February 29, 2020


The music began, the audience fell silent, and it was show time. I was about to give one of the most important performances of my life. For a Bharatanatyam dancer, an Arangetram is a graduation ceremony that marks the transition from novice to professional. From the age of seven, I have been taking classes in this Indian classical dance, and it had all led up to this day. When I made the decision to work towards my Arangetram, I knew that it would take years of single-minded commitment. The grueling preparatory classes tested my dedication and endurance. As I got closer to the day, the mental and physical demands continued to increase. Practices would last for hours on end, and I had to continue putting in the maximum amount of effort day after day. After two years of ongoing practice, the day of the Arangetram finally arrived. The curtains went up and I danced harder than I had ever danced before. All eyes were on me for three full hours. No matter how tired I got, I continued to do my best. All the long hours of practice really paid off. That day, I performed in front of over 300 people. While it was exhilarating, it also felt surreal because I couldn’t believe that something I had worked towards for the past ten years was over. Looking back, I learned many important things along the way. Throughout the Arangetram preparation process, I learned the importance of hard work and dedication. In the end, everything came together as I put on the best show of my life. This experience has taught me valuable life lessons about setting lofty goals and persevering to achieve them. I now have the confidence that when I set a goal, I will achieve it.

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