Monday, November 25, 2019

The Crusides Essay Example

The Crusides Essay Example The Crusides Essay The Crusides Essay Please create two journal entries. For the first journal entry you will write as if you are a Crusader. You should discuss the long journey it took for you to reach Jerusalem, your reasons for participating in the Crusades, and any fears you might have. For the second journal entry, you will take on the role of a muslim living in the city of Jerusalem writing about the Crusaders and the attack on the city. 1. Crusader- Dear journal, My days on the ship were ever lasting they seemed to never end but I hung in there. I would see other Crusaders on the ship and they seemed to be ill or sea sick. If you tried asking another Crusader if he was sea sick or not he would say no. Now I myself became a Crusader because I not only wanted to see the land that Jesus live and taught on I wanted to live on it. I was simply a Peasant and I was hoping to get land and freedom from service on the Manor, I was tired of it. Even though at times while I was on the ship I would worry about it sinking or about us getting lost in the middle of the ocean. When we finally arrived close to land we were already almost out of supplies so pulled up to dock and we later learned that we had docked at Italy and they supplied us with reinforcements. When we neared Palestine everybodyy started going crazy on the ship everyone was running around on the ship. As I was preparing to leave the ship I ran into one of the Kings and we started to talk and he told me that if I survived the battle at Jerusalem, he would give me some land and some of his Serfs. My thoughts when we were about to depart the ship were I did what I wanted to do, Ive accomplished it. I also thought why this place was important to us Crusaders and i thought this land is Important to us because this is the land that Jesus lived and taught on and it was the birthplace for Judaism. My thoughts going into this were crazy and I was nervous, But then my thoughts were over and everything just happened and then I wrote this. 2. Muslim- Invasions was all i could see coming. Invasions, Invasions of Christian Crusaders that wanted to take our land from us. We took this land from the Byzanite emperor, and then the Byzanite emperor turned around and sked Pope Urban ll for help, And now here they are. As they invade I sit here and write that is all i can do because they will catch you trying to run from the city and keep you as a servant to the Kings. So all I can do is write and watch. The reason that we conquered Palestine was to make it our first Oiblah and we did. Now they are determined to come and get our land and they will they already have invaded and there is only a ce rtain amount of time before they come get me. So with this I leave my journal untill next time.

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